Steam Bun Machine Introduction

Steamed stuffed bun machine is a kind of food equipment to process and makes the steamed stuffed bun, users need to put the fermented dough and mixed stuffing into the steam bread machine. We have two types of meat bun machine: one hopper and double hoppers.

steamed stuffed bun making machine

Features of Azeus Steam Bun Machine

1. Fuselage legerity, cover a small area, convenient to move. The main part is made of stainless steel, beautiful shape, in line with the state food hygiene standards;
2. Automatic steamed stuffed bun machine has improved head, double frequency, more stable performance;
3. Advanced sending dough and filling system, fully protect the dough’s toughness;
4. According to pastry dynamics of scientific design, in order to corroborate products density, so as to ensure products stomatal uniform, keep the toughness, hold water perfect, and the products’ surface exquisite, decorative pattern neat, good taste, far more than handmade products;
5. Automatic steamed stuffed bun machine adopts high-quality microcomputer control, with humanized control panel, and cause the control accurate and reliable,5 minutes freely operation;
6. A high degree of automation, quantitative accurate, which make the products size uniform, skin and filling ratio of 20 g-150 g, optional adjustable, one or two people can operate at ease;
7. Azeus bun making machine can produce all kinds of the steamed stuffed bun, pumpkin bread, steamed buns, etc. Various kinds of filling product;
8. Reasonable structure, it is not easy to happen joint fault, and maintenance convenient;
9. Automatic steamed stuffed bun machine can be used by all kinds of flour quality, and suitable for the various workplace;
10. Work efficiency is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers at the same time handmade steamed stuffed bun, the real low input, high efficiency.

Steamed Stuffed Bun made by this baozi making machine

Steam Bun Machine Applications

1. Steamed bun making machine is mainly used for making all kinds of pasta or flour products, such as steamed buns, steamed buns, stuffed bread with lard&sugar,  fried bun, Green vegetable bun, pumpkin bread, steamed meat dumpling, steamed meat bun, round steamed bread, leaven dough bun, etc.
2. It usually suits the hotel, restaurant, enterprises mess hall, school, army,  wheaten food products processing industry, etc.
3. The products can be cooking and processing frozen food.

automatic steamed stuffed bun making machine application

How to Maintain Steam Bun Machine?

1. After using it every time, users should clean it in time, make sure the sanitation and hygiene of the parts of contacting food.
2. When you dismantle knives, no hitting and prying;
3. Before the machine is working, add little edible oil to knives;
4. Each part of bearing was dismantled and washed every half a year;
5. Reducer was maintained according to mechanical and electrical products maintain methods.

Steam Bun Machine Technical Parameters

Model  AZS100-A  AZS100-B AZS200-A  AZS200-B
 Filling hopper  1 pcs  2 pcs  1 pcs  2 pcs
 Steam Bun weight  20-150g  40-200g
 Capacity  2400pcs/h  800-3000pcs/h
 Cross Weight  320kg  370kg  350kg  400Kg
 Dimension  150*65*170cm  160*75*170cm
 Voltage  220V,50hz
 Power  2.76kw  3.31kw  2.7kw  3.25Kw

Working Video of Steamed Bun Making Machine