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Automatic Dumpling Machine

||Automatic Dumpling Machine

Automatic Dumpling Machine Introduction

Automatic dumpling machine can make dumplings with wrapper thickness of 0.7-1.1mm, you can adjust freely in this range. This automatic dumpling machine can produce celery stuffings dumplings, carrots stuffings dumplings, etc. Choose the flavor you like.

High Quality Automatic Dumpling Machine

Outstanding Features of New Generation Automatic Dumpling Machine

1. Capacity: This dumpling machine can produce 15000-18000 dumplings per hour compared with other machines of 10000 dumplings per hour.
2. Noise: More reliable, almost no noise.
3. Price: Cost-effective compared with similar products.
4. Mal-functional rate: Strong capability of continuous working, no easy-wear part.
5. Dumplings appearance: Delicate shape and bright color.
6. Reasonable structure, attractive appearance, less land occupancy.
7.  Less energy consumption, easy to maintain.
8. Machine made dumplings can be matched to manual making ones.
9. We can customize wholly stainless steel made wonton/dumpling machine.

dumpling chief dumpling/automatic dumpling machine manual making dumpling dumplings/automatic dumpling machine cooked dumplings wonton

Automatic Dumpling Machine Application

☆ High grade large- particle dumplings.
☆ High-grade thin wrapper dumplings.
☆ Mini dumplings of 5-10g. All dumpling specifications: 22g, 20g, 18g, 16g, 12g. 5-10g.
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New Generation Dumpling Machine Technical Parameter

Product Name
Dumpling machine
Dough wrapper roll
3 groups
380V/50Hz/3 phase, customization available
0.75kw*3 & 0.45kw
All Stainless steel/Part stainless steel
Food size
Dumpling: 22g, 20g,18g,16g,12g,10,4-7g
Won ton: 8g,10g

Automatic Dumpling Machine Video

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