Snack Making Machinery


Snack Production Machine

We supply various snacks making machines. Our potato chips machine and ice cream maker enjoy great popularity worldwide.

Automatic Potato Chips Plant

Automatic potato chips plant produces crispy potato products to comply with an international quality requirement. Its cost-effective and multifunctional features make it widely applied in a food factory, chain store.

100 kg/hr Semi-automatic French Fries Plant

Semi-automatic potato fries production line can peel, cut, blanch, dehydrate, fry, deoil, flavor and pack potato chips with a capacity of 100kg/h, and it’s applied in the restaurant, processing factory, etc.

French Fries Frying Machine

Made of stainless steel, our french fries frying machine adopts advanced oil water mixed technology to make perfect fried food.Multifunction,safe and healthy machine suitable for food processing enterprises.

Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine

Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine Introduction Manual potato twist cutting machine is specialized in making twist potato with good taste and beautiful shape. Less investment, quick profits. It is your good helper for making fortune.

Food Frying Machine

Food frying machine is used for making various fried food, including nut fruits, puffed food, flour product,etc.

Fried Ice Machine

Ideal machine for small business with low investment and quick economic returns. Can be used for fried ice, porridge, fruit ice,etc.

Food Concession Trailer

Most suitable for short distance journey to sell fast food. Large amount of snack food can be stored, ideal investment for street food vending business.

Electric Mobile Food Cart

Some detailed information about the three-wheeled electric mobile food cart 1. Both sides are fiber glass with the characters: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating and fire-resistance. 2. The inside and outside of th

Hot Dog Machine

Four models hot dog machines for choice, equip with our food vending trailer, you can starting your own business.

Pizza Cone Machine

AUSXG-200 Four head pizza cone machine is our new-developed product. In the condition of keeping the original baking speed, its forming rate is greatly improved.

Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

Ice cream cone making machine employs the advanced technology and process and can make four cones or more in one time, the most ideal equipment for making ice-cream cone.

Automatic Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine

Automatic soft ice cream vending machine is a kind of ice cream making unit, suitable for making ice cream, frozen yoghurt, soft icecream, yogurt. It is widely used in supermarket, university, gas station, park, carnie, theater, exhibition.

Puffed Rice Cake Production Line

Looking for rice cake production line to make snack food? Our company can provide various models of machines for you to build the most suitable production line, which can greatly help you make rice cake for the targeted market!

Ice Cube Maker

This Azeus Ice Maker is mainly used for making cube ice for freezing fresh food. Made of stainless steel,energy saving and high efficiency.

Microwave Drying Equipment

This microwave drying machine is a set of specialized equipment that is used to dry kinds of products like vegetables, meat, flowers, bean products,etc.

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