Description of Flour Mixing Machine

The stainless steel flour mixing machine is designed to mix and whip various powder and early preparation of processing noodles or other flour series food processing work. It is approval of quality and health standard which features high efficiency, easy to operate and low consumption. The BF series mixing machine is the best-advanced flour and dough processing equipment domestically with the latest technology at present.

description of flour mixing machine

Flour Mixer Machine Features and Highlights

1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, firm and durable, long life service.
2. Easy to operate, practical, functional, low consumption, low fault rate.
3. Digital automatic control, work well and safely, labor saving, low cost.
4. All the courses are in a closed environment which is clean, healthy and unpolluted.

Flour Mixer Machine Features and Highlights

Main Structure and Using Method of Flour Mixing Machine

※  Main structure: the flour mixing machine consists of a frame, transmission parts, mixer, and cylinder parts.
※  Using method: Put flour into the machine tube, turn on the motor, add other material, after mixing till your requirement, open the door, the powder will be pushed out by mixing wing.

Powder Mixing Machine Widely Application

1. The flour mixing machine is suitable for mixing various powders like flour, fried powder, juice powder, 3 in 1 coffee powder, milk powder, grains powder, seasoning, spice powder, chemical powder, pesticides, additive powder, etc.
2. It is widely used in hotel, dining room, cake room, restaurant, noodle-making factory, and other food processing factory.

Powder Mixing Machine Widely Application

Why Choose Our Flour Mixing Machine?

We have adopted the most advanced technology and high-quality material, and grasp the international trend in the food processing machinery field. With the latest information, technology, material, and best service, our products are more preponderant and competitive, featured by high capability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long lifetime and stable function, our flour mixing machine has been widely used nationally and exported to the USA, GB, Canada, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria, Mexico and so on.


▼ Do not put your hands in the machine when mixing.
▼ The machine must be connected with the ground wire.

Flour Mixing Machine Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Weight Dimension (mm) Weight of each input
AZSBF15 1.5kw/380v 15 kg/8min 70kg 950*400*940 15kg
AZSBF25 2.2kw/380v 25 kg/8min 85kg 800*650*1200 25kg
AZSBF80 4kw/380v 80 kg/8min 130kg 900*850*1200 80kg
AZSBF150 5.5kw/380v 150 kg/8min 160kg 1050*1000*1300 150kg
AZSBF350 7.5kw/380v 350 kg/8min 490kg 1200*1100*1400 350kg

Flour Mixing Machine Video