Electric Deck Oven Introduction

Electric deck oven is used for baking all kinds of high-grade bread, cake, pastry, etc. It adopts far infrared metal heating tube, fast heating and energy-saving. Set with timing, automatic temperature control, and manual temperature control functions which are easy to operate and ensure reliable performance.

commercial food oven 1 layer 2 trays electric deck oven 2 layers 4 trays electric bread oven 3 layers 6 trays electric cake oven 3 layers 9 trays
One layer two trays Two layer four trays Three layer six trays Three layer nine trays

Remarkable Features of Electric Bread Oven

♦ Adopt far infrared metal heating tube, fast heating, uniform temperature and energy-saving.
♦ Adopt automatic temperature controller, the oven temperature can be adjusted freely between 20°C-300°C.
♦ Equipped with overheating protection device, the power is cut off at excessive temperatures, safe and reliable.
♦ Dual structure of bracket and bottom plate greatly increase the using scope.
♦ Spring type semi-automatic door, humanization and durable.
♦ Stainless steel design ensures durability and easycleaning.
♦ High efficiency, convenient operation & maintenance.commercial deck oven applications

Wide Application Range of Commercial Deck Oven

Commercial food oven is mainly used for baking bread, cakes, cookies, pastry, etc. It is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized cake factory, cake shop, school’ canteen, food factory, individual food processing house, etc.

Maintenance and Repair of Electric Cake Oven

* Thoroughly clean the furnace weekly after the oven becomes cool.
* Check the performance of the electric parts regularly to guarantee normal operation.
* Adjust the machine to match with the origin level so as not to affect the baking quality.

Electric Deck Oven Technical Data

 Item Name  One layer two trays Two layer four trays  Three layer six trays  Three layer nine trays
 Voltage  220V/50Hz  3N380V/50Hz  3N380V/50Hz  3N380V/50Hz
 Temperature Range  50-300℃  50-300℃  50-300℃  50-300℃
 Power  5.4 kW/h  10.8 kW/h  16.2 kW/h  21.6 kW/h
 Capacity  30 kg/h  60 kg/h  90 kg/h  120 kg/h
 Roast Dish Dimensions  400*600 mm  400*600 mm  400*600 mm  400*600 mm
 Net Weight  90 kg  155 kg  220 kg  285 kg
 Dimension  1250*850*550 mm  1250*850*1300 mm  1250*850*1700 mm  1740*850*1640 mm