Tomato Paste Production Line Introduction

We provide the turnkey projects for the tomato paste/sauce line. We get our end products as the tomato sauce, tomato paste, tomato puree, and tomato ketchup, etc. We provide a wide range of the plant capacity to suit our client’s needs. These tomato pasta/sauce plants are provided with the help of experts which have rich experience in the tomato processing industry. Our turnkey solutions are appreciated by cost-effective price and bright markets.

Tomato Paste Production Line Introduction

The Tomato Paste Production Line Features

Featured with reasonable design, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, and low steam consumption.
The evaporator adopts forced circulating type which can make the tomato paste easily flow and evaporate,  thus shortening the concentrating time.
Low evaporation temperature, the heat can be fully used. The heating of paste is mild; the evaporator is heated evenly in the pipe with high heat transfer coefficient which can prevent the occurrence of “dry walls”.
The condenser of the special structure is adopted, and it can work normally in the cooling water with a temperature of 30 C, or even higher.
Continuous materials inlet and outlet, and the liquid level of materials and needed concentration can be automatically controlled.

Tomato Paste Production Line Features

The Tomato Paste Processing Flow

tomato washing&sorting→pulping→vacuum evaporation→sterilizing→filling →post-pasteurizing→conveying→packing

The Tomato Paste Production Line Application

Our turnkey solutions can make tomato paste, tomato ketchup, and tomato sauce, etc.
1. Tomato sauce is a concentrated product from fresh tomatoes. It presents a bright sauce body, with characteristic flavor and odor of tomato, which is a kind of distinctive spices, generally do not entrance directly.
2. Ketchup is made of ripe red tomatoes, removing skin and seeds and other coarse material, and also by enrichment, canning, and sterilization.
3. Tomato sauce is commonly used as a condiment for fish, meat and other food cooking seasoning, adding color, adding the acid to help fresh and adding fragrance.

Tomato and Paste

Main Equipment Of Tomato Sauce Production Line

TW2A-3Low position lifter
TW3C-3Fruit washer
TW1B-3Fruit sorter
TW2A-3High position lifter
TW4A-5Fruit crusher
TW6A-300Storage tank
GS40-1C399Screw pump
TW5A-4Double-channel Pulping machine
TW6A-1500Storage tank
TW15B-2100Double-effect concentration system
TW6A-1000Storage tank
GS35-1CScrew pump
TW10D-0.5Casing sterilizer
TW8FSAseptic big bags filling machine

Working Video of Tomato Paste Production Line