Dry Type Garlic Peeling Machine Introduction

The automatic garlic peeling machine is designed to peel dry garlic which adopts pneumatic principle. It can automatically peel the shell of the garlic clove without soaking and meanwhile there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate can reach 95%

Dry Type Garlic Peeling Machine IntroductionAutomatic Garlic Peeling Machine Features

* Adopts special pneumatic principle, no need for water and free from pollution.
* Automatic digital control system and automatic feeding device, the shell and the garlic clove can separate automatically without any damage.
* Practical, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, finishing the drying and peeling at one time.
* High peeling rate and low malfunction rate.
* Stable performance, easy operation, and maintenance.
* Suitable for complete production line or working dependently.

Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine Application

1. This machine is suitable for dry garlic peeling processing, no need for water.
2. This machine is widely used in restaurant, hotel, vegetable processing plant, condiment factories, large wholesale vegetable market, etc.

Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine Application

Why Garlic Plays Such a Significant Role in Our Daily Life?

On one hand, garlic and our digestive system can work together. Garlic is very rich in vitamin B1 helping to produce the enzymes involved in digestion. It also comes with chlorine, which helps the stomach break down food. On the other hand, there’s a link between garlic and blood. Studies indicate that garlic can effectively control high blood pressure. In a word, garlic is helpful to our health.

Dry Type Garlic Peeling Machine Technical Data

Model AZSST-150 AZSST-300 AZSST-600
Power 0.2kw/380v 0.2kw/380v 0.2kw/380v
Capacity 150kg/h 300kg/h 600kg/h
Weight 70kg 110kg 160kg
Dimension 640*660*1370mm 740*740*1685mm 1040*910*1750mm

Dry Type Garlic Peeling Machine Working Video