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Vegetable Processing Machinery

We supply vegetable processing machines suitable for vegetable washing and drying, potato& onion peeling, garlic and ginger processing and other vegetable machinery.


Vegetable Granule Cutting Machine

The vegetable granule cutter adopts high-quality steel or stainless steel material, sharp blade, no corrosion phenomenon of vegetables. The vegetable cuts are neat and smooth, in regular shape, having the manual cutting effect.

Automatic Onion Peeling & Root Cutting Machine

The automatic onion root cutting peeling machine can accomplish the whole process of peeling as well as root cutting process. Next, we would have a separate introduction about the production line to give you a deep understanding about that!

Mushroom Slicing Machine

This mushroom slicing machine is mainly used for slicing mushroom automatically, the slices are of uniform thickness and smooth surface.

Vegetable Dehydration Machine

The vegetable dehydration machine is widely used to remove the surface water of washed and cleaned vegetables,fruits,etc.High efficiency and energy saving.

Garlic Mud Cutting Machine

The garlic mud cutting machine is special equipment which applied to cut vegetables and fruits into mud or paste, ideal device in fruit vegetable processing industry.

Bean Sprouts Sheller

Our bean sprouts vibrating sheller is mainly used for removing the shells in the bean sprouts, simultaneously complete the bean sprouts cleaning. High shelling rate and low power consumption.