What’s Material does The four-wheeled Electric Mobile Food Truck Use?

1. Both sides are fiberglass with the characters: high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, insulating and fire-resistance.
2. The inside and outside of the food cart use car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses a double-layer color steel plate with a thermally insulating layer.
4. The front veil is the anti-impact board.
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings and 4 jacks.
Mobile Food Truck Introduction

What’s the Standard Equipment?

optional deviceWe recommend you some other optional equipment

1. Coffee machine
2. Ice crusher
3. Ice maker
4. Fridge
5. Hot dog machine
6. Ice cream machine
7. Crepes oven
8. Microwave oven
9. Potato spiral
10. Fryers
11. Griddle/Square iron hot plate
12. Display cabinet
13. BBQ machine
14. Heating oven
15. Steamer
Note: any cooker in the mobile food truck can be installed according to customers’ requirements.
If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the best service.

Other Characteristics of Electric Mobile Food Truck

1. The motor and battery are the main parts of an electric type mobile food truck.
2. The specification of the battery is 12V, 120A.
3. About a four-wheeled electric mobile food truck, the fastest speed is 40-45KM/H, the far you can run 60-100KM.

Characteristics about Electric Mobile Food Truck

What’s the Purpose of the Four-wheeled Mobile Food Truck?

Four-wheeled Mobile Food Truck Application1. As a fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food;
2. As a kitchen cart which you can make food for yourself;
3. As a shop which you can sell a phone card and phone;
4. As a bookstore which you can sell a newspaper, magazine, etc;
5. As housing when you have a trip by car or jeep;
6. As repair shop to main for your clients;
7. As empty cart which does it by yourself.
Some application select advice for you, so that you can choose the right food cart
1. If you need a farther journey, and sell more fast food, or make it as a mobile small restaurant, we suggest you choose an electric type mobile food cart.
2. If you just sell fast food, no need to travel a long journey, you can choose the hand pushes mobile food cart or trailer mobile food cart.

Four-wheeled Mobile Food Truck Application

Video Show of Mobile Food Truck