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Manual Noodle Maker

||Manual Noodle Maker

Introduction to Manual Noodle Maker

The Pasta Machine is a quality pasta maker that will provide years of service to the professional or home chef. It is also can be used to make dumpling wrapper. This Pasta Maker is comparable to pasta machines costing up to four times as much! It has single cutting head and doubles cutting heads to be your choice. The specification of the single cutting head is 2mm and the double cutting heads one is 2mm or 4mm.

          150 noodle maker  150D noodle machine 430 manual pasta maker

Introductions of Manual Noodle Maker

Features of Homemade Noodle Maker

1. Cold Rolled Steel EnclosureFeatures of Homemade Noodle Maker

High-quality cold rolled steel enclosure. We never stop to upgrade the raw materials of our products to ensure its longer using time.

2. Carbon Steel Seiko Electroplating

Carbon steel Seiko electroplating is our everlasting aim to find and meet your needs.

3. Unique Divided Design

The dividedly designed cutting head can be disassembled freely, and you can choose different cutting head according to your need.

4. Seven Adjustable Settings of Thickness

The design of seven adjustable settings, you can adjust the suitable thickness by yourselves. Compared with the traditional method, this machine makes the dough wrapper more uniform and tastier.

5. Super Thickness and Large Gears Set

In the process of researching our products, we explore and pursuit to bring the perfect products for customers to the most extent all the time. This time we bring you comprehensively upgraded gears set, which prolong the using time greatly.

Advantages of Manual Noodle Maker

Materials: The subassemblies are made of safe and durable materials.
Workmanship: It is hand-assembled through 72 procedures.
Design: It is designed by an Italian designer and is still a classical presentative until now.
Reviews: It enjoys high praise from the customers.
Standard: It conforms to the national standard in this field.

Advantages of Manual Noodle Maker

Manual Noodle Maker Application

Manual Noodle Making Machine

Manual Noodle Maker Applications

Homemade Noodle Maker Specifications

Power Source
Size (L*W*H)
Specification of Cutting Head
3 kg/set
Single Head
3.4 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm
3.7 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm
3.3 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm
2.6 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm
2.5 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm
4.5 kg/set
Double Heads
2mm & 4mm

Working Video of Manual Noodle Maker

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