Egg Grading Machine Introduction

AZS egg grading machine is used to sort the chicken eggs and duck eggs into different grades. Miniaturization equipment, made of stainless steel, accurate grading levels, and convenient operation, it is designed to perfectly match the steadily increasing requirements of the egg industry.

Automatic industrial egg grader machine

Remarkable Features of Egg Grading Machine

* Made of stainless steel material, corrosion resistant.
* Professional design to strengthen all the spare parts and has a longer service life.
* Extremely accurate grading system and high-efficiency working process.
* 5000-5400pcs/h handling capacity, suitable for small and medium-sized egg processing industry.
Egg Grading Equipment Application
AZS egg grading machine is suitable for various levels of egg processing industry such as egg products manufacturers, food processing enterprises and hatcheries to grade a large number of chicken eggs and duck eggs.

How to Grade Eggs?

1. In the egg grading process, eggs are examined for both interior and exterior quality and are sorted according to weight (size). Grade quality and size are not related to one another.
2. The first step in egg grading system is an inspection of the shell for cleanliness, soundness, apparent texture, strength and shape. Shell color is not a factor in judging quality.
3. To pass grading requirements, all eggs must be clean, but a certain amount of staining is permitted in the lower grade.

Egg Grading Machine Technical Data

Model AZSMT-108
Voltage 220V
Power 0.5kw
Capacity 5000-5400pcs/h
Dimension 1800*1600*1100 mm
Weight 200kg

Automatic Egg Grading Machine Video