Vacuum Sausage Filler Introduction

Vacuum sausage filler is widely used for stuffing various sausage products such as natural casing and collagen casing. Furthermore, this sausage filler machine is suitable for filling bottled or boxed sausage products. Finish filling process under a vacuum state, this commercial sausage stuffer can reduce the number of bacteria to the minimum, making sure quality products with good color and taste. The electric sausage filler can be used together with many different kinds of sausage clipping machine to achieve automation production.vacuum sausage filler

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer Features

1. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the key parts adopt special treatment, having a long service life and are easy to clean.
2. Adopt advanced surface technics, compact structure, elegant appearance, easy and simple to operate, convenient to maintain.
3. Equipped with a safety device, ensuring the safety of the operator.
4. The electric sausage filler adopts vane pump for filling, driven by a servomotor, operated with a human-computer interface and PLC control.
5. The pump body, impeller, and blade all adopt special heat treatment, highly polished, durable, ensuring the quantitative accuracy and is also convenient to clean.
6. Vacuum sausage filler machine is equipped with automatic kink system and the kink speed is adjustable.vacuum sausage stuffer

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer Applications

1.  Vacuum sausage stuffer is widely used for stuffing various casing products, such as meat paste sausage, ham sausage, ham, etc.
2. Also suitable for tying a knot, for natural casing, collagen casing, fiber casing, etc;
3. Furthermore, the sausage filler machine is suitable for filling all kinds of bottle or box products;
4. Wide business range: suitable for meat products processing plant, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, leisure food plant, etc.

Vacuum Sausage Filler Machine Technical Parameters

Model AZSGC-3500 AZSGC-6000
 Capacity  3000 kg/h  5500 kg/h
 Total power  7.25 kW  9 kW
 Portioning speed ≥200 portions/min(75 g/portion)
Quantitative precision ±2 g
Twisting number 1-10 circles (Adjustable)
Electricity 380V/50Hz
Hopper volume 220
Working center height 1000 mm adjustable
Standard filling tube Φ20 mm, Φ33 mm, Φ40 mm
Twisting tube Φ10 mm, Φ12 mm, Φ14 mm, Φ18 mm, Φ22 mm, Φ28 mm

Working Video of Vacuum Sausage Filling Machine