Frozen Meat Slicer Introduction

Frozen meat slicer adopts high speed rotating knife to cut frozen boneless meat into the slice. There is no need to thaw the frozen meat, which increases the work efficiency. The thickness of the meat slice cut by the frozen meat flaker can be adjusted. Frozen meat shaver can be matched with bowl cutter and frozen meat grinder. It is one of essential equipment for the meat processing industry.frozen meat slicer

Frozen Meat Flaker Features

1. The frozen meat flaker is made of advanced stainless steel, up to the standard of food sanitation.
2. Adopt international advanced technology.
3. Appearance is beautiful, simple and safe to operate, convenient to dismantle and clean.
4. High work efficiency and best choice for the meat processing industry.
5. The thickness of the meat slice can be adjusted according to your need.frozen meat flaker

Frozen Meat Shaver Applications

1. Automatic frozen meat slicer is used for cutting frozen boneless meat into slice by a high-speed rotating knife.
2. Wide business range: the frozen meat flaker is suitable for meat products processing industry, frozen food plant, leisure food processing factory, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, etc.

Warm Tips

We have kinds of meat processing machines to supply, choosing the one that is suitable for you is very important. So please let us know your exact requirement such as processed food, capacity, cut size, whether your meat is frozen or not. We will give you suggestions to a good choice.

Frozen Meat Slicer Machine Technical Data

Model PR-960
Power 4 kW
Capacity 500-800 kg/h
Meat slice thickness 5-10 mm (adjustable)
Dimension 1300*645*1320 mm

Frozen Meat Slicing Machine