Fish Scaler Machine Introduction

Fish scaler machine is mainly used for removing all kinds of fresh fish scale. This automatic fish scaler adopts brush structure that is no hurt to fish. The fish body and fish scale were separated automatically and then the fish will be out of the outlets. There is no limit to the fish size. Fish scale remover machine is widely used for fish marketing, large catering industry, fish processing factory, scaler machine

Fish Scale Remover Machine Features

1. The fish descaling machine is made of advanced quality stainless steel, meeting the international standard of food sanitation.
2. The capacity of this automatic fish scaler is very large, from 800 kg/h to 5000 kg/h.
3. Fast removing speed, labor saving and it’s unrestricted for fish size.
4. With brush structure to ensure that scaling clean without hurting to fish.
5. The fish scale removing rate of the fish descaling machine can reach 99%.commercial fish scaler

Commercial Fish Scaler Applications

1. This commercial fish scaler is mainly used for removing all kinds of fresh fish scale;
2. Wide business range: fish marketing, large catering industry, fish processing factory, meat products processing factory, frozen food factory, snack food factory, fish products processing factory, Chinese restaurant, hotel, eatery, fish shop, supermarket, fish suppliers etc.

Business Clients All Over The World

We export our food machine (including fish scaler machine) to all over the world, such as: America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria, Mexico, etc.

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Fish Scaling Machine Technical Parameters

Model Power/Voltage Capacity Weight Dimension
AZSFS800 1.5 kW/380V 800 kg/h 260 kg 1440*730*740 mm
AZSFS1200 2.2 kW/380V 1200 kg/h 300 kg 2120*840*900 mm
AZSFS1500 3 kW/380V 1500 kg/h 380 kg 2400*840*900 mm
AZSFS1800 3 kW/380V 1800 kg/h 400 kg 2550*840*900 mm
AZSFS2000 4 kW/380V 2000 kg/h 460 kg 2900*840*900 mm
AZSFS3000 4 kW/380V 3000 kg/h 560 kg 2900*1000*900 mm
AZSFS4000 4 kW/380V 4000 kg/h 800 kg 3050*1200*1450 mm
AZSFS5000 5.5 kW/380V 5000 kg/h 700 kg 2890*1285*1150 mm

Working Video of Fish Scaling Machine