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Meat Processing Machinery

Our meat machinery can be used for fish, pork meat, chicken meat processing. Stainless steel material and compact structure make our machine your good choice.


Meat Cutting Machine

This meat cutting machine is mainly used for cutting meat into slices, strips, and meat stuffing. Ideal equipment for restaurant and meat further processing industry.

Meat Dicer Machine

Meat dicer machine can make fresh and frozen meat into meat cube/dices with 4-120 mm thickness. Can also be used for meat slicing and stripping.

Vacuum Sausage Filler

Finish filling process under vacuum state, the vacuum sausage filler makes sure quality products with good color and taste.

Fish Skinning Machine

Fish skinning machine enjoys good skinning performance with high efficiency. The fillet skin removing rate is as high as 99%.

Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer

Hydraulic sausage stuffer is widely used for stuffing various sausage products; especially for dry stuffing and big piece meat stuffing.

Frozen Meat Cutter

Frozen Meat Cutter is mainly used for cutting frozen meat into dice, applicable for frozen pork, beef,chicken without bone.

Electric Meat Slicer

There are three kinds of electric meat slicer for your choice: Semi Automatic meat slicer, Automatic meat slicer, and Floor Type Automatic meat slicer.

Meat Mixer Machine

Meat mixer machine is used for mixing minced vegetable and meat stuffings; Automatic meat stuffing discharging, labour-saving.

Frozen Meat Slicer

Frozen meat slicer is mainly used for cutting frozen boneless meat into slice, and there is no need to thaw the frozen meat.

Meat Smoking Machine

Meat smoking machine has the function of stewing, drying, humidifying, baking, air exhausting, washing, etc. Suitable for smoking sausage, ham, pork, mutton, beef, poultry, aquatic product, etc.

Brine Injector

Brine injector can inject saline or pickled dose into the meat to make the meat tenderization and soft. We have manual and automatic brine injector.

Burger Patty Machine

Burger patty machine can automatically perform meatstuffings filling, patty forming and output. Customized moulds with various shapes.

Sea Snail Meatball Machine

This meatball machine can make all kinds of stuffed meatball, one-color meatball, three-color meatball, etc. Should work with pump sausage stuffer.

Vacuum Meat Tumbler

If the meat goes through Azeus Vacuum Meat Tumbler, it will has solid cutting surface, good and flavor. This machine is widely suitable for chicken, pork, beef etc.

Fish Deboner Machine

Fish deboner machine is used for extracting fish/shrimp flesh. The separated flesh can be directly used as raw materials of fish ball, fish dumpling, fish tofu, etc.

Bone Saw Machine

Bone saw machine is ideal decomposition equipment for bone, frozen meat, poultry, and fish, widely used for hotel, food processing factory.

Fresh Meat Slicer

Fresh meat slicer is used for cutting fresh meat into slices, shreds, and dices. The blade of the meat cutter is easy to sharpen.

Fish Scaler Machine

Fish scaler machine can remove the scale of all kinds of fish. The fish body and fish scale are separated automatically and then the fish will be out of the outlets.

Chicken Pressure Fryer

Chicken pressure fryer is not only suitable for frying chicken and duck, but also for pork ribs, drumstick, crispy strips ,etc. Electricity, electricity gas mixing engine for choice.

Duck Roaster Machine

Duck roaster machine is not only suitable for roasting duck, but also ideal roasting machine for chicken, pork steak, etc. Heating method: electricity or gas.

Doner Kebab Machine

We have two types of doner kebab machines: electric and gas engine. All these kebab machines are made of stainless with high automation. The roasted food are of good colour and flavour.