Banana Slicing Machine Introduction

The banana slicing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, used to slice bananas into pieces. Azus banana slicer machine provides the best quality cutting. Excellent and easy operating design with changeable cutting blades gives you uniformly banana slices.
banana chips cutting machine

Technical Parameters of Banana Slicing Machine

Model AZS-XQ
Capacity 8000 pcs/h
Voltage 220/380 v
Power 0.3 kw
Thickness 2-8 mm
Dimensions 650*560*1200 mm
Weight 65 kg

Banana Slicing Machine Structure

1. This slicing machine consists of the rotary cutter, section plate, automatic feeding device, automatic slicing system, built-in compressor, thickness adjusting knob, etc.
2. This fruit slicing machine frame and shell are made of superior quality stainless steel; electrical control system adopts the Japanese or German element.

Banana Slicing Machine Features

1. The banana slicing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, up to the standard of food sanitation, easy to clean.
2. The slicing thickness is 2-8mm, easy to adjust.
3. The banana slices are uniform and smooth.
4. Easy to operate. 1 person can operate 2machines at the same time.
5. When no material enters the feeding device, the knife stops working automatically

Banana Slicing Machine Applications

application of banana slicer machine

This fruit slicing machine is used to slice bananas into uniform pieces which can be further processed into banana chips, banana powder and dried banana slices, fried banana slice, etc.
2. Also can be used for slicing other fruits and vegetables such as kiwi fruits, lemon, pineapple, apple, cassava, cucumber, lotus root, ginger, etc.
3. Wide business range: fruit and vegetable processing plant, frozen food processing plant, leisure food factory, etc.

How To Make Dry Banana Slices

1. Collect ripened bananas and pick out the good quality ones.
2. Move the peel by banana peeling machine
3. Processed the peeled bananas into banana slices.
4. Dry the peeled banana slices into dried pieces by a fruit drying machine
5. Pack the dried banana slices with vacuum packing machine.

Related Equipment Recommended

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Banana Slicing Machine Working Process

According to requirement adjust the slice thickness; fruit enters into feeding device, then drop perpendicular to the section plate, by automatic control rotary cutter to slice fruits evenly. When no raw material enters into the feeding device, the knife stops working automatically.

Warm Tips For Choosing Banana Slicer Machines

1. We supply a wide range of fruit processing machines including fruit washing machine, fruit peeling machine, juice extractor, fruit pulp machine, etc. Please tell us your need, we will give you suggestions.
2. We also can customize specific fruit processing machinery according to your requirement.

Banana Slicing Machine Working Video