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Fruit Processing Machinery

Fruit processing machines from fruit washing, peeling, cutting, pitting, drying to juice and pulp making are all supplied by us. Delicate design and easy operation.


Spiral Juice Extractor

The spiral juice machine can be used for making fresh vegetable fruit juice. This juice extractor is featured with high juicing rate and easy operation.

Fruit Pitting Machine

This multifunctional fruit pitting machine can process different size fruits such as dates, apricot, plum, olive, cherry, crabapple from Φ12 to Φ34

Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven

Hot air circulation drying machine is a kind of plate style drying machine,it can used to dry all kinds of things like fruits,vegetables,medicine,paper,leather,etc,ideal eequipment for medicine ,chemical ,food and light industry.

Large-sized Spray Dryer

This spray dryer machine can be used for food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries. It is our best-selling product because of its high heat-transfer efficiency and purity, good uniformity, mobility and solubility.

Small-sized Spray Dryer

This small-sized spray dryer absorbs international advanced technology and it is widely used for kinds of drying, such as food, beverage, medicine, biology, chemical, etc. without any auxiliary equipment, portable and self-contained.

Fruit Slicing Machine

The fruit slicing machine is used to cut the fruit into pieces. Applicable for apple, orange, banana, kiwi fruit and so on.

Grape Crusher Destemmer

Put grape into the grape crusher destemmer machine, you can get the fresh grape pulp. The grape stems are discharged automatically.