Bullhead fish,
A right amount of salt, five spice powder, cooking oil, tomato sauce, mature vinegar, white sugar,


Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet chart 1 Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet chart Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet chart 3

1. Remove fish scale, fish skin, and fish bone, and then, cut it into fish slice;
2. Put them into a big bowl, and add some amount of salt and five-spice powder;
3. Add an egg and a right amount of starch, stir them evenly and place them in the air for 10 minutes;
4. Put oil pan in the fire, when the oil was hot, pour these fish slices into hot oil, fry them until they were golden, and take them out of oil;
5. Repeat the step 4;
6. Leave a little oil in the pan, add some amount of tomato sauce, mature vinegar, and white sugar into the oil;
7. Stir evenly, and then pour the fried fillet to stir-fry, so that each piece of fish outside can stick on the sweet and sour sauce.