The dish is a delicious dish both nutritious and simple to make. Follow me, I will teach you. From now on, you can do it for yourself at your kitchen.


Main Ingredients

400g tofu (bean curd)
2 pod pepper

Other ingredients

A moderate amount of oil, a pinch of salt, a right amount of garlic, green onions, pepper


warm tofu green oniion garlic pod pepper put tofu into pan
fried tofu put green onion garlic salt into the pan finished spicy fried tofu

1. Prepare the warm tofu, also called bean curd;
2. Green onions (cut into small pieces), garlic (crushed)
3. Cut tofu into dice; put the oil pan in the fire until the oil is hot, put pepper and pod pepper into the hot oil, and smell nice. Pour tofu into the pan, tile tofu to the bottom of the pan using a shovel gently, then slightly small fire slowly fried.
4. When the below layer fry until golden, fry the other side at the same method.
5. When the two sides are all golden, put the garlic, onion, salt into the pan, and stir gently and evenly.
6. Brown and crisp outside, tender inside, with onion flavor, Spicy Fried tofu is finished.

Directions: Tofu is the common dish on the table. It can be used to fry, salad, stew, make soup, etc.

Tips: Because tofu is fragile, do not stir at will after tile them into the bottom of a pan. Before getting tofu out of a pan, put salt, or it is easy to stick pan.