Main ingredients

300g small potato
100g glutinous rice flour
100g starch

Other Ingredients

A moderate amount of oil, salt, flour, ground pepper, white sugar


the former 8 steps image

1. Peel these potatoes and slice them, and then steam.
2. Steamed potatoes pressed into the mud, add a little salt, white sugar, ground pepper, and add some amount of starch, glutinous rice flour;
3. Slowly knead potatoes dough; knead dough evenly and put it in the air for about 20 minutes, if dry, add the appropriate amount of water, on the contrary, adding an appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour.
4. Roll the dough into about 3 mm slices.
5. Using a small round model to press small circular facets;
6. Using the bottom of a round chopsticks poke two eyes;

the later 4 steps image
7. Draw the shape of the mouth with a spoon handle;
8. Sprinkled with flour on the ready-made smile cake, take off the excess flour;
9. Heat oil until medium-well cooked, put ready-made smile potato cake into the oil; keep the fire slowly fried, turning it over in a timely manner; get out the fried potato pancake, and remove the excess oil;
10. Put it in the dish, you can enjoy it. Or dipped in tomato sauce, taste better.


1. According to the different moisture content of potatoes, add a pinch of flour;
2. Spread flour on the ready-made smile potatoes, before turn it into the oil, thus fried pancake has a beautiful face.