chicken breast,
bread crumbs,
beaten ground pepper,
the right amount of salt


prepare for Popcorn Chicken Dice Popcorn Chicken Dice images Popcorn Chicken Dice images

1. Cut chicken breast into uniform chicken dice;
2. Add salt, beaten ground pepper and egg white into the cut chicken, marinate for about 15 minutes;
3. Prepare three bowls; put starch, egg liquid, and bread crumbs into three bowls separately;
4. Coat chicken dice with starch, egg liquid and bread crumbs in turn. (if it is too troublesome for you, you can do it like below pictures.)
5. Put oil pan in the fire until medium rare, pour the coated chicken dice into the oil; shaking the pan after half a minute, until the all the chicken dice surface is golden; remove and dry the oil.

fry chicken dice Popcorn Chicken Dice images


When you eat it, with tomato sauce, it will be more delicious.

The nutritional value of eggs

Egg protein is an important part of the food. The egg is considered nutritious food, contains protein, fat, egg yolk, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals that human body needed.