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Hakka Style Meat Stuffing Bean Curd

2018-12-06T03:13:23+00:00 Recipe|

Do you know Hakka cuisine in China? Are you interested in it? Now I will introduce you a Hakka cuisine- Hakka Style Meat Stuffing Bean Curd. Let’s make Hakka cuisine together,it’s easy for you, if you’ve learn it.

Smile-Face Potato Cake at Home

2019-01-07T08:36:57+00:00 Recipe|

Are you boring about doing the same cook every? Take it easy. Now I will introduce a recipe of delicacy-smile potato cake. Thus you can do it by yourself and enjoy yourself at home.

Microwave Bread Recipe

2019-01-07T08:39:31+00:00 Recipe|

Do you want to eat more nutrition and more health? Make bread in your own kitchen for you family, it must be happy and interesting. Now follow me, let’s make microwave bread together.

Tomato-ginger Fish Ball Soup

2019-01-07T08:23:57+00:00 Recipe|

Do you want to eat more nutrition? Today I will introduce you a soup of spleen appetizer, tomato-ginger fish ball soup. Especially used for life cultivation and health preservation.

Crispy Banana Pie

2019-01-07T08:37:52+00:00 Recipe|

In the afternoon time, you can enjoy yourself at the same time eat Crispy Banana Pie that made by yourself. I will give you the recipe about Crispy Banana Pie.

Curry Potatoes Duck

2019-01-07T08:45:47+00:00 Recipe|

Are you interested in Indian Delicacy? Especially about curry. In your leisure time, you can invite your good friends and enjoy your time, cook dessert in your kitchen. Now let’s together cook Curry Potatoes Duck. It’s very easy for you.

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

2019-01-07T08:51:25+00:00 Recipe|

A popular Chinese dish is well-loved by many in the United States and allover the world—the famous Chinese Kung Pao Chicken .It’s so easy and quick for a week night meal and has such wonderful flavor.

Chinese Coca-cola Chicken Wings

2019-01-07T08:54:45+00:00 Recipe|

In this classic Chinese recipe, Coke is used as the base of the simmering sauce, and it helps to tenderise and cameralise the chicken. The result is delicious, finger-licking good chicken wings with a sweet sticky glaze.

Indian Banana Pancakes

2019-01-07T08:49:25+00:00 Recipe|

Crisp Roti Prata is delicious. You can do it with a variety of flavors, such as, beef, chicken, green onion, fruits, etc. In fact, it is quite simple to cook by yourself in your kitchen. Now, let’s together do it.

Delicious Banana Nuts Bread

2019-01-07T08:59:46+00:00 Recipe|

Get this recipe to cook a homemade banana nuts bread, delicious and easy to make. This banana nuts bread is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavor, and is very popular among the Portuguese community.

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