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Indian Banana Pancakes

||Indian Banana Pancakes

Crisp Roti Prata is delicious. You can do it with a variety of flavors, such as beef, chicken, green onion, fruits, etc. In fact, it is quite simple to cook by yourself in your kitchen.


Main ingredients

A banana,
200g low-gluten flour,
1 yolk

Other ingredients/Burdening

A right amount of white sugar, salt, condensed milk, milk


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1. Mix prepared low-gluten flour, a yolk, a tsp of white sugar, and 2 tsp of condensed milk, stir them evenly;
2. Knead the dough, and make it into smooth and proper hardness dough, put it in the air for 10 minutes;
3. Divide the dough into small portions with butter, and then put it in the air for 3 hours
4. Cut banana into slices;
5. Paint butter in the glass board; pick up a little dough and flatten it until it became a thin transparent square of a patch;
6. Put the banana slice in the center of the thin patch;
7. Fold up and down into square;
8. Pour cooking oil into the pan, and heat it, then put patch into the hot vegetable oil to fry it with middle fire until the two sides of the patch are all golden;
9. Take it out from the oil pan, and cut it into 4 portions, it is very delicious and crisp, and also has banana flavor.


The banana slice and patch is the thinner the better.

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