The sweet, salty, crunchy stuff is positively addictive – whenever we buy one of those huge bags it rarely lasts till the end of the day. Popcorn is our favorite afternoon snack. The kids love it best with real butter, melted and drizzled over the top, and lots of it! There are two different ways you can do this, you can use a medium to a large saucepan to cook the corn, or you can get a stovetop popcorn popper.

ingredients for making honey popcorn

Ingredients For Making Honey Popcorn

☆ Corn kernels 80g;
Sunflower oil or other seeds oil 3g;
☆ Honey/other seasonings you like.

Directions To Popcorn Making Process

1. Washed the corn kernels, dry the moisture; being ready for the sugar and edible oil.
2. Heat the frying pan with a small fire, pour a little oil, and then put the corn kernels and stir them.

popcorn in the kettle

3. Cover the pot after one minute, and you will hear the crackling; you should adjust to a small fire. In this process, you need to shake the pots and pans to heat evenly.
4. About less than 5 minutes, the sound slowly decreases until disappearing, and then the golden popcorn will be full of your eyes.
5. Sprinkle with honey will be more delicious to eat. And also you can add different flavors to it as you like.

Suggestions To Homemade Popcorn

1. You’d better use the thick wok pot. When you hear the first sound, and quickly adjust to a small fire, otherwise, the popcorn would be easy to paste.
2. You must not lift the lid halfway, to ensure that the pot can be maintained with the temperature and pressure until the corn gradually burst.
3. Use the specialized small particles’ corn to make popcorn.
4. Don’t put sugar first because the flowering rate is not high.
5. If you use the microwave to popcorn, be sure to choose a microwave oven with heat-resistant glass or ceramic container to make popcorn.