When you see much lovely fast food online, whether you want to try it or not? Just try this Cute Bear Curry Rice, looks so lovely.


Main ingredientsCute Bear Curry Rice image3Cute Bear Curry Rice image2Cute Bear Curry Rice image1

150g rice,
150g potato,
100g carrot,
100g onion,150g beef.


A right amount of cooking oil, curry


1. Prepare all the ingredients, and cut potato, carrot, onion into Cute Bear Curry Rice image8Cute Bear Curry Rice image7dice.Cute Bear Curry Rice image6Cute Bear Curry Rice image5Cute Bear Curry Rice image4
2. Boil all these ingredients in the pot until they are mature;
3. Add curry into the soup, then turn off the heat, and stir them until curry was crushed;4. Put the done well curry rice in the plate;
5. Pinch the steamed rice into bear form;
6. The dark bear is added soy sauce and put the done well bear on the curry directly.


When you pinch rice, with water in your hands, thus rice can’t paste hands.