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Curry Potatoes Duck

||Curry Potatoes Duck


Main ingredients

500g duck leg,
Half a box of curry,
2 potatoes,
Half carrot

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Other ingredients

A right amount of cooking oil


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1. Wash and clean these duck legs, and then cut it into dice for usage;
2. Peel potatoes and cut it into dices, clean it for use;
3. Peel the carrot and clean it, cut it into dice for reserve;
4. Prepare curry;
5. Heat vegetable oil until eight mature; and pour duck legs, stir and fry on the big fire until the duck legs’ color was changed;
6. When the duck oil from out of duck, pour carrot dices, stir and fry for 2 minutes on medium fire;
7. And then add potatoes dices, stir and fry evenly on big fire;
8. Pour the right amount of water, boiled it using big fire, cover the pot for 15 minutes on medium fire;
9. When the soup is thick and white, add curry, stew cook for 5 minutes on a small fire;
10. When the soup is left one-third amount, take it out on the plate, or cover on the rice, that’s it.

Curry Potatoes Duck image13


1. The water must be enough because there is starch in the curry.
2. According to your like, add a right amount of curry.
3. This dish does not need to add other seasonings.

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