Curry contains many kinds of spices which taste is spicy, and the color is golden. It can prevent senile dementia if a person often eats it. Also, it is very popular with people.


Main Ingredients

2 potatoes,
Half of the onion,
1 green hot pepper,
300g chicken

Other ingredients

A right amount of cooking oil, salt, curry powder, milk


curry chicken image1 curry chicken image2 curry chicken image3 curry chicken image
curry chicken image5 curry chicken image6 curry chicken image7 curry chicken image8
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1. Clean the chicken and cut it into dice, pickle them with cooking wine;
2. Cut potatoes, green hot pepper, and green onion into dice wash and dry them for use;
3. Pour a bowl of vegetable oil into the pan, heat it until medium well, and then fry potatoes, take out them when their color is golden;
4. Pour edible oil into the pan, fry and stir chicken dice evenly until the chicken is mature; during this processing, you can add milk instead of water.
5. Add onion, hot pepper, and fried potatoes, stir and fry for a moment;
6. Add water until drown chicken;
7. Add three pieces of oil curry and curry powder, then stir and melt it;
8. Stew it until the soup is thick and flavor, add a little salt, and that’s ok. It is Curry Chicken.


The chicken must be fried. The curry is salt, so add a little salt.