Crispy Durian Pastry: golden tempting Crispy Durian Pastry prepared with fresh durian flesh creamy filling, with distinct, unusual pine oriented, fine pastry, and it makes your appetite greatly. After eating Crispy Durian Pastry, you will always miss it. This Crispy Durian Pastry is very easy to make using a pan.


Main ingredients

1000g durian,
300g roti pratas

Other ingredients

A right amount of white sugar and olive oil


Crispy Durian Pastry image4

Crispy Durian Pastry image5

Crispy Durian Pastry image6

1. Prepare durian and roti pratas;
2. Take out of flesh and remove the silk, add some white sugar.
3. Twist durian flesh into mashed with a spoon, cut roti pratas into the shape of dumpling wrapper, and make them into dumpling shape for reserve.
4. Add some olive oil into the pan, and fry the durian dumpling until the color is golden.
5. Drop a little water, and cover the pan, fry it 3-5 minutes. That’s ok.


Durian flavor is indescribable. Only if you ate it yourself, you are able to understand the essence of its flavor.