chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake is popular in kids for its delicacy. It is a wonderful thing to cook the chocolate cake for lovely kids. And sometimes you can enjoy yourself in your own kitchen.


Main ingredients

100g low-gluten flour

Other ingredients

A right amount of peanut oil, baking powder
20g chocolate,
100g eggs,
50g white sugar


1. Mash these eggs into a bowl with a fork. Add white sugar, 100g low-gluten flour, and baking powder in turn; stir them evenly into milkshakes;

Chocolate Cake image1 Chocolate Cake image2 Chocolate Cake image3 Chocolate Cake image4

2. Crush chocolate, and heat the chocolate in the milk pan;

Chocolate Cake image5 Chocolate Cake image6 Chocolate Cake image7 Chocolate Cake image8

3. Stir low-gluten flour and heated chocolate into a paste in the pan;
4. Pour the paste into bake ware<, 80% full;

Chocolate Cake image9 Chocolate Cake image10 Chocolate Cake image11

5. That’s it. Delicious chocolate cake.


1. You can also use cocoa powder instead of chocolate.
2. You must stir chocolate evenly.