If you want to make this type caramel-milk-egg pudding, you will not need an oven. And the ingredients are also very common, anyone can find them effortlessly. Just try it. You will get your own DIY delicacy. Let’s make it together.


You can use egg breaking machine to separate the yolk from the egg. (If you want to make a lot)


50g white sugar
2 yolks
240g milk
50g candy of QQ

white sugar image p milk image qq candy in the milk image.jpg


pudding image1. Put the 50g white sugar into pan; melt the white sugar in a small fire;
2. When the color of white sugar is dark, add hot water and stir, that is caramel;
3. Pour caramel into the prepared container, and put it into the refrigerator for a moment;
4. Put 2 yolks, 240g milk, 50g candy of QQ with orange pineapple flavors in the container together;
5. Then put these yolks, milk, and QQ candy into a pan with water, boil water, keep stirring (use automatic planetary mixer), and QQ candy is melted.
6. Filter them and pour into the container with caramel;
7. Put it into refrigerator 3 hours, that is it.
8. When you taking the pudding, turn a circle with a toothpick, buckle the mold on a plate, also can be covered for a while using hot towels, and then take away the mold.