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Barbecue is a very happy and pleased with yourself thing, not only can exercise your own cooking but also can cultivate life sentiment, what’s more, can get friendship, promote family harmony. In daily life, work pressure is larger. On holidays, go to the field to have a bbq party with your friends together, it would be a sensible idea to relax. Then I will give you friends who have the plan of bbq in the open air or have purchased bbq machine some advice, including barbecue recipes and some considerations, I hope can help you!

Food list in the bbq out of doors


Beef (dried beef slices), mutton, chicken (they were sold in supermarket or packaged)
Chicken wings
All kinds of seafood (fish, pomfret, small fish, squid, shrimp, crabs, shellfish series)

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Vegetarian categories:

Sweet potatoes, potatoes (cut into pieces)
Taro, sweet potato, yam
Vegetables (spinach, Tonghaosu)
Bread pieces

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Salt (necessities, preferably packed in a small jar, so it is convenient to sprinkle them)
Cumin powder (the lamb skewers must be used)
Chili powder, hot pepper sauce
Oil (brush the oil when barbecue chicken wings)
Sauce (Brush delicious on chicken wings)
Honey (Brush the bread pieces)


Beer, fruit juice (best to buy big bottles, bring disposable cups)
Mineral water


Peaches, watermelon, apple, banana (the feeling of eat fruit feel in the wild is absolutely different from at home)


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BBQ (there are apple shape grill and portable grill in common. Recommended rectangular light grill, we provide this kind grill. We have electric bbq grill and gas bbq grill. Advantages of the bbq machine are that the grill height is adjustable, easy to control the fire. If you are interested in the details of bbq machine and usage method, please feel free to contact us.)
Carbon, gas
Knife (used for cutting fruit), scissors
Lighters, matches
Bamboo stick or disposable chopsticks (used for sticking the food)
Iron clamps
Brush (used for brushing something like oil and butter)
Against hot gloves (canvas gloves)
Disposable cups, paper trays
Paper towels
Soap (Health is the most important thing)
Old newspapers
Plastic picnic cloth
Garbage bags (protect the environment, clean up litter)
Playing cards, music equipment (postprandial Entertainment)
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BBQ in the open air is a kind of entertainment for relaxation. When we enjoy ourselves, we should pay more attention to safety. It is not recommended to the forests of limit BBQ and strange remote mountains. Be careful mosquitoes and the Beast. Prevent burns during the barbecue process, fire safety first. Do not throw cigarette butts and garbage, care for the environment, and bring back the garbage within garbage bags to deal with. For future generations and ourselves, we must take good care of their environment.