Milk Brick Shape Filling and Packing Machine Introduction

This kind of beverage filling and packing machine is specially designed for molding, filling and sealing the brick shaped paper box. It occupies a small area, with low power consumption, and is easily operated and maintained, widely used for filling various liquid foods including milk, yogurt, fruit juice, etc. Our milk brick shape filling and packing machine is ideal equipment for small and medium-size companies and companies who want to produce first class beverage brick shape carton products with reasonable cost.

paper brick shape packing machine

Paper Brick Shape Packing Machine Features

1. Made of food grade stainless steel, clean and healthy.
2. Compact structure, reasonable design, stable performance.
3. PLC control system, easy operation, and high automation degree.
4. Small volume, low energy consumption, reasonable price.
5. The machine is with carton lifting function to avoid foam forming and splashing when filling juice and milk.
6. Paper brick shape packing machine can be installed on any smooth floor like cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not need to make an angle.

Milk Brick Shape Packing Machine Work Flow and Main Spare Parts

1.Workflow: Put the cardboard onto the mandrel(manually)→ Bottom sealing →Filling→ Top sealing→Capping (manually) → Date printing →Finished product
2. Major spare parts: PLC, text displayer, pipeline solenoid valve, pneumatic component, cylinder, a photoelectric sensor

Fruit Juice Brick Shape Packing Machine Application

The fruit juice brick shape filling and packaging machine is suitable for filling and packing milk, yogurt, cream, beaten egg, soy milk, juice, tea drink, corn drink, pure water, sauce, wine, spices, cleaning solution, chemical product, sugar, grain, cornmeal, other dry powder, etc.

fruit juice packing machine application

Excellent Services We Can Provide

1. Help customers to analyze all the questions they need to know to set up a beverage factory.
2. Help customers to carry out the market forecast and profit analysis.
3. Arrange customers’ visiting to related users’ factories and help them know the on-site operation status of our machine.
4. Provide training service from theory to practice in the whole process.
5. Responsible for user’s on-site debugging, installation guidance, operation training, and repair.
6. Handle cargo transport issues if the customer needs.
7. Provide spare parts in favorable price for the long term.
8. Offer updated technical information in dairy, beverage, food, etc, to customers.

Milk Brick Shape Filling and Packing Machine Technical Parameters

Model AUSBW-1000
Capacity 200-1000ml
Output 800-1200 cartons/h
Packing material A/B Type carton
Shelf life Cold filling: milk, yogurt: 7–21days ( 2-6°C storage)

acid juice: 30–60 days (2-6°C storage)

whipped cream: 12 months (-18°C storage)

Hot filling: juice: 12 months (normal temperature)

Capping Without capping
Overall power 22KW (three phases of power electricity)
Compressed air Pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa Flow rate: 0.8-1.0M3/min
Cooling water Flow volume: ≥20L/ min Temperature: normal temperature
Size: (L*W*H)

Carton forming machine: 1.3m*0.9m*1.5m

Filling machine: 2.0m*0.9m*2.6m

Net Weight 1100kg
Installation requirement

Any smooth floor, such as cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not

need to make angle.

Working Video of Fruit Juice Brick Shape Packing Machine