Fruit juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line Introduction

The fruit juice/milk filling and packing line designed by us is based on the market demand, it is used to complete the process of beverage filling and packaging automatically. The packaged product shape is gable paper box with or without caps. There are two types: semi-automatic filling line and fully automatic filling line. The customer can choose the suitable one according to their needs. Featured by easy operation, low energy consumption, clean and hygiene, our fruit juice/milk filling and packing line is indispensable filling and packaging equipment for beverage and food processing industry.

Gable Paper Box Filling and Packing Line
Gable Paper Box Filling and Packing Line Features

1. PLC control, convenient operation and labor saving.
2. Whole made of stainless steel, complying with the food safety standard.
3. The filling capacity can be adjusted at will, capping function is optional.
4. Compact structure, less space required, low noise and energy consumption.
5. High filling precision, good quality, reasonable price.

Widely Application of Fruit Juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line

The fruit juice/milk filling and packaging machine is applicable for filling various liquid foods like fruit juice, milk, yogurt, cream, soy milk, corn drink, pure water, sauce, cleaning solution, sugar, fruit vinegar beverage, dairy , cereals drinks , tea beverage, beaten egg, single cream, wine, condiment, chemical product, etc.


Installation requirement: Any smooth floor, such as cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not need to make angle.

Semi-automatic Fruit Juice Gable Top Carton Filling Line Working Flow

Semi-auto Gable Top Carton Filling Machine

Generally, this semi-automatic fruit juice filling and packing line consist of three parts which are carton forming machine, capping machine (optional) and beverage filling machine.
1. Carton forming part: cardboard–put the cardboard onto the mandrel (manually)–bottom heating–bottom sealing–top open carton.
2. Capping part: put the cap into the carton’s capping hole (manually)–ultrasonic welding–top open carton with cap (optional).
3. Filling part: put the carton onto the conveyor (manually)–top preforming–filling–top heating–top sealing–date printing–finished product.

Full Automatic Milk Gable Paper Box Filling Line Working Process

automatic gable paper box packing machine

The workflow of the fully automatic milk filling and packaging line is as follow:
put cardboard into carton holder(manually)–bottom preforming–bottom heating and sealing–ultrasonic capping(optional)–filling–top preforming–top heating and sealing–date printing– the finished product

Semi-automatic Fruit Juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line Technical Parameters

Model AUSBW-1000-2 AZS-BW-1000-3
Capacity 250–1000ml
(can be filled by one machine)
(can be filled by one machine)
Output 800-1200 cartons/hour 800-1200 cartons/hour
Packing material Cardboard carton
Aluminum foil carton
Cardboard carton
Aluminum foil carton
Filling Temperature Cold filling: 2-50 degree
hot filling 88-92 degree
Cold filling: 2-50 degree
hot filling 88-92 degree
Cap With capping / without capping (Optional) With capping / without capping (Optional)
Overall power 22KW (three phases of electricity) 23KW (three phases of electricity)
Size (LxWxH):
Carton forming machine: 1.3×0.9×1.5m
Filling machine: 2.0×0.9×2.6m
Carton forming machine:1.3×0.9×1.5m
Capping machine: 0.8×0.6×1.2m
Filling machine: 2.0×0.9×2.6m
Compressed air pressure 1.0-1.4 Mpa 1.0-1.4 Mpa
Flow rate 0.8-1.0M3/min (without oil, water or dust) 0.8-1.0M3/min(without oil, water or dust)
Cooling water Flow volume:≥ 20L/ min
Temperature: normal temperature
Flow volume:≥ 20L/ min
Temperature: normal temperature
Net Weight 1100kg(carton forming machine: 300kg,
filling machine: 800kg)
1200kg(carton forming machine: 300kg, capping machine: 100kg, filling machine: 800kg)

Fully Automatic Fruit Juice/Milk Filling and Packaging Line Technical Parameters

Model AZS-BW2500B
Capacity 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1200ml, 1500ml, 2000ml
Output 1800-2500 cartons/h
Packing material Cardboard carton/aluminum foil carton
Shelf life 3 to 12 months
Capping With /without capping (Optional)
Filling temperature 80 to 94 degree centigrade
Overall power 25KW (three phases of power electricity)
Compressed air

Pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa
Flow rate: 1.4-2M3/min

Cooling water Flow volume: ≥40L/ min
Temperature: ≤15°C
Size: (L*W*H) 3.7m*1.6m*2.8m