Hot Air Rotary Oven Introduction
The hot air rotary oven is ideal equipment used to roast various bread, cake, moon cake, cookies and poultry meat products. Due to the forced hot air circulation heating system, the thermal transmission efficiency is greatly enhanced. Meanwhile, special hot air rotating and car rotation method make heating absolutely uniform and baked food with consistent color appearance.

hot air oven

Remarkable Features of Hot Air Rotary Oven
* Large baking capacity, 32 pans each time. Simple operation, time and labor saving.
* Adopt stainless steel electric heat pipe and famous combustion engine to guarantee the quality .
* Super thick & sanitary heat preservation material, energy saving.
* Control instrument and furnace body are separated, thermal insulation, low malfunction and more durable.
* Setting air regulation and humidifying device in the hot air outlet, especially suitable for baking food like egg yolk pie with strict color requirements.
* The heating method can be chosen from electricity, fuel or gas according to customers’ own requirements.

Wide Application Range of Hot Air Rotary Oven
Suitable for roasting bread, cake, biscuit, moon cake, yolk pie and so on.
Suitable for supermarket, bakery, institution, department, units, army, etc.
Also suitable for cake house, west biscuits house, food factory, individual food processing house, etc.

Tips & Warnings
* Choose proper rotary oven according to your own energy type.
* Please read and follow the instructions that come with the rotary oven for correct operation.
* Conduct regular maintenance to ensure a stable operation and longer service life.

Bakery Rotary Oven Technical Data

snacks made by hot air oven

Name Rotary oven(electric) Rotary oven(diesel) Rotary oven(gas)
Model YZD-100 YKZ-100    YKG-100
Specified voltage ~3N380V/50Hz ~3N380V/50Hz ~3N380V/50Hz
Transmission Power 2-2.5kw 2-2.5kw 2-2.5kw
Electric power 48kw / /
Combustion engine power / 60,000 kilocalorie 60,000 kilocalorie
Air/fuel consumption / 2.5-3kg/h 1.2-2.2m3/h
Temperature range 20-300℃ 20-300℃ 20-300℃
Capacity 100kg/h 100kg/h 100kg/h
Roast dish dimension 400×600mm 400×600mm 400×600mm
Grill layers 16×2=32 16×2=32 16×2=32


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