Popcorn Machine Introduction
Kettle popcorn machine, also called popcorn popper, is a machine used to pop popcorn. Generally speaking, when we use the kettle popcorn machine to make a kind of sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn that we must be typically mixed or seasoned with a light colored refined sugar, salt, and oil. It was traditionally made in cast iron kettles, but in modern times other types of pans are used.

Popcorn Machine Classification
The popcorn machine is divided into different types, such as coin-operated popcorn machines, luxury popcorn machine, automatic popcorn machine, cart and hand popcorn machine, and two-pot popcorn machine and different models and sizes for selecting.

popcorn making machine

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Kettle Popcorn Machine Design Features
This popcorn machine has more than 15 different models and sizes for selection, ideal for cafes, canteens, outdoor events, restaurants, etc.
This popcorn machine is well-designed and creative innovation, more period feel profiling, nice appearance. It has non-stick protection layer, built-in auto stainless steel stirring popping kettle, adamant glass.
It breaks through the nowadays technology, the container lid adopts hiding type round hole cooling system to avoid the motor working under overheated condition, prolonging the motor life span, much better performance than products of the same category.
Four fully transparent tempered glass, comprehensive embodiment of popcorn production process, safe and sanitary.
High efficiency heating and warm-keeping system, making the manufacturing process convenient and fast.
The corn popper plate adopts imported famous brand non-stick edible paint-coat, equipped with stainless steel blender to further improve the quality and output of food. 

Popcorn Machine Highlights
☂ Elegant appearance, pop design with easy operating system;
☂ Built- in stainless steel stirring popping kettle system;
☂ Flexible switch door, so that cleaning and maintenance can become easier and simple;
☂ Includes warming light, warming deck, kernel filter, and a full instruction manual. Bottom element ensures that popcorn stay warm; double thermostat, double element.
☂  Multiple colors corn popper: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, purple etc.
☂ Ideals for canteen, fast food shop, party, bar, cinema, store, supermarket, restaurant

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How to Use and Maintain The Popcorn Machine Properly
☂  Before the aircraft electrical inspection and good safety ground work, first turn on the power indicator switch and voltmeter.
☂ Open the heating indicator switch and then warm up to the warm light off, until the temperature reaches normal working condition.
☂  Popcorn oil and food flavor must be added in the accordance with the instructions.
☂ Be sure to keep clean and fresh, according to time to clean popcorn machine.

Popcorn Making Machine Main Technical Parameters

Model Rated voltage Frequency Pot temperature Thermostat Output    Net weight Dimension
AZS-PM1 220V    50Hz 230±10℃ 75W 3 minute/pot, automatic stirring 19KG 600×450×800 mm
AZS-PM2 220V    50Hz 230±10℃ 75W 3 minute/pot, automatic stirring 23KG 580×420×740 mm


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