Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine Introduction
Manual potato twist cutting machine is specialized in making twist potato with good taste and beautiful shape. Less investment, quick profits. It is your good helper for making fortune.

manual twist potato maker

Manual Twist Potato Maker Features
1. Small land occupancy, only need one person to operate this machine.
2. Compact structure, economical and practical.
3. Easy operation for avoiding blade wear.
4. If blade wears down, we long-term supply it for cost price.
5. Made of high quality stainless steel, healthy and easy to clean and maintain.
6. Less investment, quick profits.

Manual Twist Potato Cutting Machine Applications

tasty twist potato chips

Wide range: Running the twist potato project in crowded places, such as around of school, station, wharf, tourist attractions, countryside market, temple fair, Cross street, doorway of movie theater, bar, noshery, park, stadium, supermarket, market, business street, walking street, housing estate, etc.
Brief Operation Steps
Ordinary potatoes—peel potato —process potato use Manual Twist Potato Machine-- Clear water to soak—frying—seasoning powder or Condiment jam—leisure food twist food
The Processing Method of Twist Potato
1. Choose a whole fresh potato, the weight up to 220g the golden weight ratio.
2. Put the prepared potato into machine to get twist potato.
3. Bamboo stick inserted in the twist potato, and then stretches the twist potato, get the finished twist potato.
4. Frying the finished twist potato at the 180 degree temperature.
5. Put all kinds of seasoning powder or Condiment jam on fried fresh twist potato, to get various flavors.
The Advices of Investment Management
1. Not only sale in a store, but also flow sales.
2. Because the equipment is simple, the main selling format is take-out.
3. Also suitalbe for increasing the new variety for your store.
Warm Tips
1. Please carefully check the below data first;
2. According to your requirement, we will give you the best service.

Model Power source Dimensions Net weight
AZS-XS01 manual 280*130*150mm 2Kg


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