Hot Dog Machine Introduction
The hot dog machine is popular investment in many countries. This hot dog roller can roast sausage, meatball, etc. At present this hot dog vending machine is mainly divided into 5 rollers, 7 rollers, 9 rollers, 11 rollers. The kind of 7 rollers is the most commonly used among them.
Why choose our Hot Dog Machine

hot dog vending machine

1. The integrated design of glass cover and heat insulation display.
2. Our hot dog machine rollers’ direction can be adjusted automatically, both forward and backward is OK.
3. You can set and adjust temperature through switching the button.
4. All stainless steel screen panel, bright and clean.
How to Use Hot Dog Machine?
1. Put the hot dog machine on the surface which is completely flat and hard (such as counter);
2. After making sure connecting the power supply, then put the turn-on button.
3. When the sausage surface becomes glossy and shiny, you can turn off the roasting button and add some seasonings.
4. Puring cold water on the machine is prohibited.
5. Do not put roasted sausage into the chassis, or sausages will become hard and dry.
6. If the hot dog machine keeps consistent working, it should be cleaned every 4-5 hours
Tips: if there is a big need for the roasted hot dog, the sausage is heated in a microwave oven or a non-stick pot for pre-heating, so that shorten the baking time. In the normal state, you can adjust constant temperature at 100-150℃。
How to Clean the Hot Dog Machine and Some Cautions
1. Turn on the heating button, when the hot dog machine temperature cools down naturally, cover the roller with wet cloth for a while.
2. Take fully moistened soft cloth to gently wipe each roller until it is completely clean.
3. After cleaning the roller, turn off the power, remove the chassis, and clean it with hot soapy water or detergent scrub.
4. Using a damp soft cloth to clean the rest parts of the hot dog machine until it is completely clean.
5. You should put the hot dog machine in the place where there is no direct sunlight, no dust.

baked sausage-hot dog machine for sale

hot dog

hot dog cart vending business

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Hot Dog Machine Technical Parameters

Roller NO. 5 7 9 11
Power 0.96kw 1.33kw 1.69kw 2.06kw
Power source 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz
Temperature range 50-2500C 50-2500C 50-2500C 50-2500C
Dimension 590X250X420 mm 590X330X420 mm 590X400X420 mm 590X480X420 mm


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