Doner Kebab Machine Introduction
Doner kebab machine is a kind of equipment for barbecue; its main function is to make all kinds of barbecue food products. This kebab machine is mainly used for barbecue shop, flow barbecue, etc. And Azeus doner kebab machine has 2 methods of heating: heated by electricity and heated by gas.
Doner Kebab Machine Features
1. The shell of this machine is made of high quality stainless steel, up to the standard of food sanitation;
2. The roasted food can turn on its axis, also moves around the core axis;
3. It can rotate 2-3 rounds/ minute.
4. Drip pan is set on the bottom for catching the drippings from roasting meat.

Doner Kebab Machine Applications
1. This machine is used for roasting kebab,beef, corn, squid and so on.
2. Wide business range: it is suit for Bakery, Cake Shop, tea café, coffee shop, beverage shop, snack food shop, Chinese restaurant, winery, leisure food factory, meat products processing industry, frozen food factory, fruit and vegetable processing factory, flavouring processing factory, etc.
How to Use Azeus Doner Kebab Machine?
The heating element works when turn on the switch and the meat will move around the axis. Then press the fixed button when meat moves and the meat will rotary around itself.

5. Equip with independent 4 heating controllers.
6. Innovative swivelling unit is adjustable, so you no longer have to cautiously move the kebab back and forth

electric doner kebab machine

7. Simply push or pull to bring the heating element closer to the meat with maximum ease and comfort
8. Inbuilt drip tray keeps machine clean and mess-free.

gas kebab machine

9. The new system also means the motor is inbuilt, eliminating motor exposure to heat which is the number one cause of motor failure.
10. Non slip feet to elevate the machine for air circulation of the motor and easy cleaning to increase hygiene
11. The distance between the burner and the gyro can be adjustable.
About Doner Kebab/barbecue in the historical Story
Barbecue food originated in ancient Turkish Empire palace barbecue party, then spread to folk. Because its processing method is simple, quick, also its taste is delicious and unique, then spread throughout the Middle East. In the 1960s it was spread to Europe and the America, and was continuous improved, form a set of complete, convenient to operate system. Now, it is become one of Mainstream leisure food all over the streets. The spectacular barbecue grill and sweet smell is filled with streets, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, bus stations, amusement places, residential areas, which has become bright scenery in the streets of Europe and America. The unfailing hot scene is spectacular, reluctant to leave.
We offer customers 2 heating methods of Doner Kebab Machine with different models.

Model Ceramic burners    Heating methods Power Voltage Dimension Weight
AZSGB-25 1 Gas 7.7 220 330×240×455 10
AZSGB-25A 2 Gas 7.7 220 400x290x500 11
AZSGB-800 3 Gas 11.5 220 580x630x800 23
AZSGB-950 4 Gas 15.4 220 580x630x950 23
AZSGB-950 Electricity 3 220 290×240×475 23
AZSEB-25 Electricity 3 220 290×240×540 6.5
AZSEB-808 Electricity 9.6 380 580x630x950 25.7

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Product Name: Doner Kebab Machine
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