• Spiral Juice Extractor

    Can be used for making fresh vegetable & fruit juice.This juice extractor is featured with high juicing rate and easy operation.

    Spiral Juice Extractor
  • Automatic Bread Slicing Machine

    This automatic bread slicing machine can cut square bread in an even and efficient way.The bread slicer thickness is 12mm.

    Automatic Bread Slicing Machine
  • Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine

    The main function is to go crush the pomegranate shell and separate the peel from the pomegranate seeds.

    Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine
  • Automatic Hot Air Bread Oven

    The hot air rotary oven is ideal equipment used to roast various bread, cake, moon cake, cookies and poultry meat products.

    Automatic Hot Air Bread Oven
  • Electric Deck Oven

    This electric oven is used for baking all kinds of high-grade bread, cake, pastry, etc.Various models for your choice.

    Electric Deck Oven
  • Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine

    This automatic coffee machine is used for vending instant coffee or other drinks, just need dropping a coin. Cold and hot drink for choice.

    Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine
  • Multifunctional Gas Deck Oven

    Engined by gas, equipped with timer and inspection window, more convenient to observe baking quality.

    Multifunctional Gas Deck Oven
  • Fruit Peeling Machine

    Controlled by PLC control panel, this fruit peeling machine has high peeling rate and wide application.

     Fruit Peeling Machine
  • Grape Crusher Destemmer

    Put grape into the grape crusher destemmer, you can get fresh grape pulp.The grape stems are discharged automatically.

    Grape Crusher Destemmer
  • Yogurt Ice cream Machine

    Used to make soft ice cream and frozen yogurt, widely used in coffee shops, bars, schools, entertainment center.

    Yogurt Ice cream Machine
  • Fruit Juice/Bottle Water Filling Machine

    High automation of bottle washing, beverage filling and capping. Wide applied to mineral/pure water,fruit juice,etc. processing industry.

    Fruit Juice/Bottle Water Filling Machine
  • Automatic Planetary Mixer

    Used for mixing dough,eggs,stuffings,etc. Supplied with a dough hook, wire whisk, beater blade and stainless steel bowl.

    Automatic Planetary Mixer