• Grains Puffing Machine

    The grains puffing machine is the largest capacity puffing machine currently. It adopts liquefied petroleum gas or electric heating.

    Grains Puffing Machine
  • Semi-automatic Screw Oil Press

    Suitable for extracting oil from different oil-materials, such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, soybean, cottonseeds,etc.

    Semi-automatic  Screw Oil Press
  • Edible Oil Refinery Equipment

    Oil Refinery Equipment is used to remove the impurities of crude oil, make it become pure edible oil.

    Edible Oil Refinery Equipment
  • Fruit Slicing Machine

    The fruit slicing machine is used to cut the fruit into pieces.Applicable for apple,orange,banana,kiwi fruit and so on.

    Fruit Slicing Machine
  • Food Frying Machine

    Food frying machine is used for making various fried food, including nut fruits, puffed food, flour product,etc.

    Food Frying Machine
  • Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    Used for making fresh sugarcane juice.Easy operation and energy saving.Good choice for fruit shop,cold drink stores, etc.

    Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor
  • Mini Donut Machine

    Designed to make delicious cake-style doughnuts only in 3-5 minutes.Double-side heating design, heating more evenly and fully.

    Mini Donut Machine
  • Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine

    Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine Introduction Manual potato twist cutting machine is specialized in making twist potato with good taste and beautiful shape. Less investment, quick profits. It is your good helper for making fortune.

    Manual Twist Potato Chips Machine
  • Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    This manual type sugarcane juice machine enjoys great popularity with families and shop juice shop.

    Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor
  • Automatic Donut Machine

    The automatic donut machine is the most popular equipment applied to produce tasty doughnuts with different size.

    Automatic Donut Machine
  • Fried Food De-oiling Machine

    Azeus Fried Food De-oiling Machine is mainly used for deoiling fried food to improve the quality and color.

    Fried Food De-oiling Machine
  • Fried Food Seasoning Machine

    Can flavor and mixing materials for various food such as chips, french fries, fruit brittle,etc.

    Fried Food Seasoning Machine